All of the information we receive about the world comes to us through our sensory systems.  Because many sensory processes take place within the nervous system at an unconscious level, we are not usually aware of them. Although we are all familiar with the senses involved in taste, smell, sight, and sound, most of us do not realize that our nervous systems also sense touch, movement, force of gravity, and body position. Just as the eyes detect visual information and relay it on to the brain for interpretation, all sensory systems have receptors that pick up information to be perceived by the brain. Cells within the skin send information about light, touch, pain, temperature, and pressure. Structures within the inner eat detect movement and changes in the position of the head. Muscles, joints, and tendons provide an awareness of body position.


Many children have problems with processing the information from their environments. These children frequently have related problems in a variety of areas including behaviour, motor and learning skills.


Sensory Integration Treatment can only be provided by a Occupational Therapist that received specialized training in Sensory Integration testing, interpretation and treatment.


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