Solisten Listening Therapy by Tomatis

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Solisten Listening Therapy General Information


Solisten® is the new sound training therapy by Tomatis® .  It provides pre-programmed, selected and processed music to stimulate the Auditory Processing System. This stimulation enables a precise integration of acoustic information and allows the brain to better receive, select and processthis information.

The Tomatis® Method was developed by Alfred Tomatis (1920-2001), a French Ear, Nose and Throat physician.



The corrective action of the Tomatis® Method work simultaneously on the three core functions of the ear: hearing, balance and energy.

Hearing is the passive reception of sound while listening is the active participation in what one hears. Listening problems are often one of the causes of many learning and communication difficulties.

Balance depends on the vestibule, the part of the inner ear that informs the brain of the slightest head- & body movements. The ear is therefore involved in controlling posture and maintaining balance.

Sounds that are rich in high frequency harmonics stimulate a vast neural network, called the “reticular formation”, which controls the overall activity level of the brain.


Solisten® is effectively used to increase body awareness, awareness of the environment, motor coordination, listening attentiveness, improved auditory and vestibular processing, improved language outcomes and increased emotional control.  It can be used with children from 3 years as well as with adults .

It can therefore be used in a variety of areas for example:

Developmental delays

Communication difficulties

Spectrum disorders



Emotional problems


Other diagnostic categories: Brain Injury, CVA(stroke), CP, MR, Down Syndrome, etc.

Attention difficulties

Stress Management

Calmer Pregnancy







1.       An initial assessment to evaluate yourneeds .

2.       Listening sessions:

  • Listening sessions can take place in the  practice or at the clients’ home.
  • The Solisten® process consists of a daily listening session of two consecutive hours for 13 days with a break of 4 – 6 weeks and then a further two-hours listening session for another 13 days.

3.       The final assessment to evaluate the progress . 


The Solisten® Device consist of a portable,digital player preloaded with music processed through the Tomatis® Electronic Ear andprofessional headphones that provide both air and bone conduction to accurately produce the Tomatis® Effect.

The difference between Solisten® and other listening programs is the usage of channels, an electronic gating system and delays .  Thechannels, gating system and delays allow the inner muscles to unconsciously contract and relax.  This stimulation facilitates a precise integration of acoustic information and allows the brain to better receive, select and processthis information.

Solisten® is offered exclusively through Solisten® Qualified Licensees (SQLs) and Registered Certified Tomatis® Consultants (RCTCs). For more information and providers in your area visit or contact Christelle Koekemoer .